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9th armored division concentration camp

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424-6;  U.S. Army. Each tank battalion also had a number of M-4 tanks containing short-barreled 105mm howitzers instead of 75mm or 76mm guns in their turrets. [5], Lieutenant Colonel Leonard Engeman from Minnesota was an Army Reservist activated for World War Two in 1941. He earned his officer commission from the U.S. Military Academy. 4-5. The cavalry squadron contained light tanks and armored cars. In addition, the 97th Infantry Division was gained from XII Corps. “This is a hell of a place to end the war,” Lt. Col. Kenneth Collins observed to Lt. Col. George Ruhlen. The victims were herded into a building. In XII Corps’s area, the 4th Armored Division pushed north-eastward through the mountain passes held by the 5th and 90th Infantry Divisions and headed for Prague. At the end of April, Twelfth U.S. Army Group decided to have First U.S. Army accept some responsibility for the Czechoslovak border in order for Third Army to continue its drive into Austria. [62] Col. Cecil Roberts, Letter to the Author - 28 June 1998.; Roberts, A Soldier From Texas, p. 81. Osterkamp revealed that his corps had only about 2,200 soldiers in its three depleted divisions and that altogether there were some 17,000 Germans in his area of responsibility. 22 - 4 May 1945. 12th Armored Division: The Hellcat Division Active 1942-1945. There was another factor which would affect how far U.S. forces advanced on the day of 7 May 1945. Some days as many as 90 stills and 1200 feet of movie film was exposed. Outgoing Message File. One month later on 25 September 1944, the division arrived in France. Vehicles full of Jerries were now arriving, many hitched to trailers and all overloaded with women, children, household furnishings, and junk,” Lt Col Ruhlen wrote in his history of the battalion. “We joined [the 9th]…while the initial crossing at Remagen was still in its infancy. Battlefield experience showed the Army that a greater balance of combat forces was needed. Numerous fleeing Nazis were able to pass through undetected. After Action Report. The 1937 Czechoslovak – German border region was mountainous and heavily wooded; which channelized vehicular movement through defensible mountain passes and gaps. So, 9th Armored Division would detach its Combat Command A to spearhead 1st Infantry Division’s drive on Karlovy Vary while the rest of the division was held in reserve. [12], The 9th Armored Division was still operating as three separate units when the last great German counter-offensive of the war, a struggle that wold become known in the U.S. Army as the Battle of the Bulge, struck U.S. positions in the Ardennes during December. My thanks to Gen. Ruhlen for sending me a copy of this AAR. SS ... the camp in Zwodau held some 900–1,000 starving women prisoners. However, Field Marshall Schoerner had ordered SS troops into Prague to suppress the uprising. After Action Report for 1 - 8 May 1945. Lt. Col. Battalion Commander. 1st Platoon / Company B / 60th Armored Infantry Battalion / Combat Command A / 9th Armored Division. On 4 May, he sent a message to the Soviets informing them of his decision to send Third U.S. Army eastward to the line Karlovy Vary – Plzen – Ceske Budejovice with a possible further advancement to the west bank of the Vltava River. Bryan J. Dickerson, “Czechoslovakia 1945:  Prelude to the Coming U.S. / Soviet Cold War.”  (Masters Thesis, Monmouth University, 1999). All Germans arriving within American lines after that time would be turned over to the Soviets. [53], With its advance halted, Combat Command A turned to the business of accepting and processing the surrender of the tens of thousands of German soldiers and civilians fleeing the Soviet Army. [7], Lt Col George Ruhlen from San Diego, California, was the commander of the 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. [45], While Task Force Engeman was advancing on Karlovy Vary on 6 May, Task Force Collins remained in reserve at Cheb. In February 1985, two Holocaust survivors—Sigmund Strochlitz and Benjamin Meed—formally requested permission from the Secretary of the Army, John O. Marsh, Jr., to display in the future Museum the flags of all the US units that participated in the liberation of the Nazi camps. The division started the European Campaign on the defensive in the Ardennes region, but after the December 1944 German counter-offensive was decisively defeated the 9th Armored Division took part in the irresistible Allied drives which overran Germany. “A group of Krauts were seen crossing the field, waving a flag. On 8 May, elements of the 9th Armored and 1st Infantry Divisions liberated two sub-camps of Flossenbuerg:  Zwodau and Falkenau an der Eger. [28], Early on the morning of Thursday, 3 May, Lt. Colonels Collins and Engeman assembled their respective officers and issued orders for the march south. U.S. Army Military History Institute Archives. The capture of the intact Ludendorff Bridge enabled U.S. forces to quickly cross the Rhine River and establish a firm bridgehead for follow-on operations. After Action Report for 1 - 8 May 1945. In the order of march, his command would follow the Reserve Command in one column;  the rest of the division would march in another column. Tanks rolled through and white flags appeared in all the windows. According to him, the speed of advance was more important than the German tank threat at this time. The 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions followed behind, consolidating the 16th Armored Division’s gains and liberating numerous towns and villages. ; [37] TUSA AAR, pp. 9th Armored Division Artillery: 3rd, 16th and 73rd Armored Field Artillery Battalions ... the 4th Armored Division liberated the German concentration camp at Ohrdruf and participated in Third Army’s drive across central Germany. G-3 (Operations) Division. Particular emphasis was to be placed upon screening German males of military age for possible guerrillas or war criminals. [34] U.S. Army. Platoon Leader. After Action Report for 1 - 8 May 1945. [26], With a return to offensive operations imminent, Brig. On 2 October 1945, the division embarked on ships and set sail for the United States. 15 December 1999. He then turned off his radios. See Chapter 13 specifically. (NY:  Hippocrene Books, 1992). Washington, DC 20024-2126 “The 9th Armored Division.” Holocaust Encyclopedia. “Col. Oral history interview with Holocaust concentration camp liberator Owen Tripp. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. As the 9th Armored Division encircled the city, SS guards at the camp set a barracks afire and shot prisoners as they tried to escape. Task Force Collins consisted of the bulk of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion, a company of tanks from the 14th Tank Battalion and self-propelled guns from the 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. Only the 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions retained the “Heavy” Armored Division organization. In V Corps’s area, the 1st Infantry Division pushed east from the vicinity of Cheb, and the 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions pushed east towards Plzen. In October of 1943, the 9th Armored Division was re-organized according to the new “Light” Armored Division Table of Organization. 1st Lt. Platoon Leader. Found in Nevins, Arthur S. Brigadier General, USA. Troops of the US 9th Armored Division capture the Ludendorff Railroad Bridge at Remagen, between Koblenz and Bonn, Germany. The 130th Panzer Division was pulled out of the Wesel area and moved south to counterattack. My grandfather had been a POW at Oflag VIB in Doessel, Germany for 5 and 1/2 years. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, senior British diplomats and military officers, the U.S. State Department and pro-democracy Czechs and Slovaks pressed for Third U.S. Army to liberate Prague and as much of western Czechoslovakia as possible as a possible counter-balance to Soviet machinations to install pro-Soviet Czech and Slovak Communists in power in the liberated country. In the European Theater of Operations the 10th Armored Division was part of both the Twelfth United States Army Group and Sixth United States Army Group.Originally assigned to the Third United States Army under General George S. Patton, it … [38], As planned, V Corps and XII Corps’s attacks into Czechoslovakia commenced early on the morning of 5 May 1945. Just a couple weeks prior, the 90th Infantry Division had liberated the Flossenbuerg Concentration Camp near the German – Czechoslovak border. The Professional Bulletin of Army History, Fall/Winter 1992/1993, 1–5. Please can you shed some light on this discovery? ];  See Chapter 1 of Dr. Walter E. Reichelt’s Phantom Nine: The 9th Armored (Remagen) Division, 1942-1945. reading, is happening now. “The German Anti-Tank round struck the road pavement, ricocheted up through the bottom of the tank and killed driver Critchlow,” Lt Paris later recalled. Soldiers from the reconnaissance unit were used to mark the route to the assembly area located near Arzberg. [Hereafter cited as 38th Cav AAR]. NARA. —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, DEFEAT OF THE THIRD REICH Initially, all U.S. armored divisions were organized as “Heavy” divisions with twice as many tank units as infantry units. FWD-21001).” RG407, NARA. This seemed cold and inhuman, as our buddies were our life. The division also received the 656th Tank Destroyer Battalion. [Hereafter cited as 3AFA AAR. Unfortunately for the fleeing Nazi official, CCA’s commander Brig. Only the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Armored Divisions used the “Heavy” organizational scheme in combat. Letter to the Author – 18 April 1998. The 9th Armored Division served on occupation duties in Germany throughout the summer of 1945. (Washington DC:  Office of the Chief of Military History, 1969), pp. It was obvious why we could not clog the traffic.” Thekla concentration camp, in the suburbs of Leipzig, was the scene of an atrocity on April 18, 1945. Germany:  late May 1945. Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF). In September 1943, the Army adopted the “Light” Armored Division organization and re-organized nearly all of its armored divisions using this method. When we reached the ramp it was more understandable why we could not stop. Many U.S. units held memorial services for those who had given their lives in liberating Europe and earning the victory commemorated this day. MARCH 1945. Apparently, for parts of the 9th Armored Division, the war was not yet over. The narrow road and rugged terrain greatly aided the German defenders. Brigadier General Leonard was promoted to Major General and became the new commanding general of the 9th Armored Division. Capt Cecil Roberts was the only officer in the battalion with such a uniform so he got the assignment. Spearheading the attack of the First Army in the spring of 1945, the 9th Armored Division drove rapidly into the German heartland, rolling along the autobahns built by the Hitler regime. Message from Eisenhower to US Military Mission, Moscow - 8 May 1945 (Ref. We were met in front by the Commanding General, his staff, and an honor guard. When World War Two in Europe finally came to a close on 7 May 1945, the division’s Combat Command A was attacking eastward to liberate northwestern Czechoslovakia --- one of the last Allied units still advancing when the German High Command surrendered. The Camp was founded when the Nazi Party first came into power in 1933 and has been in continuous operation ever since, although its largest populations date from the beginning of the present war. [21] US Army Order of Battle, pp. By month’s end, Third U.S. Army held positions along and over the Czechoslovak border and were driving into Austria. Cecil Roberts. Strochlitz and Meed were serving then as co-chairpersons on the United States Holocaust Memorial Council's Day… In making their rapid advance across France, however, the Allied leadership made what must be regarded today as some questionable command decisions even as their armies far outstretched their supply lines. Combat Command A. [31] Crucq, p. 381.;  60AIB AAR, p. 2.;  14th Tank AAR. (San Antonio, TX:  privately published in 1986), p. 143. [6] Biographical materials on Col. Engeman provided by Lt Colonel Dee Paris, USA (Ret.) You have run and walked until you feel there is not another step left in you, and you begin to think it isn’t worth it because the Jerries will mow you down as soon as you set foot on the other side. US Order of Battle. The division’s members arrived at New York and Boston on 10 October. March 7, 1945 Troops of the US 9th Armored Division capture the Ludendorff Railroad Bridge at Remagen, between Koblenz and Bonn, Germany, In early March 1945, Allied troops had reached the west bank of the Rhine River along most of the river's length, north of the city of Köln. Leonard was a 1915 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and a classmate of Omar Bradley and Dwight Eisenhower. (Oberursel, Germany:  U.S. Army, Europe - Historical Division [Foreign Military Studies Branch,] March 1946). Suddenly an order was received from Combat Command A Headquarters for them to halt their advance. 38th Cavalry Squadron. Per verbal orders received 13 December, the Battalion moved to Vicinity of Huldingen, Luxembourg. With the war in Europe winding down, Patton, however, wanted to get the new 16th Armored Division into the final fight. (NY:  Blandford P, 1983), pp. Chief of Staff. Attached tank destroyer battalions were equipped with either the M-10, M-18 or M-36 tank destroyers, mounting 75mm, 76mm or 90mm anti-tank guns respectively in open-topped turrets. He joined the 9th Armored Division in March 1943 and was a Platoon Leader with D Company. 335. After Action Report for 1  - 8 May 1945. Soviet armies driving west met the Americans at the Elbe River near Leipzig on April 25, 1945. Once through these mountains, the terrain leveled out into rolling farmland and the road network improved significantly. 11 May 1998. Mr. Raymond Holderle was present at the liberation of Dachau and Buchenwald Concentration Camps. In Weimar, the mayor and his wife, after seeing Buchenwald atrocities, slashed their wrists. [56] CCA, 9th Armored Division AAR, pp. Colonel, USA (Ret.). concentration camp. The ceremony at the US Capitol, featuring a candle-lighting and names At 1000, the division issued a Letter of Instruction to the Command which detailed them to secure their areas of responsibility, construct roadblocks, patrol, and maintain law and order. The 9th Armoured Division is a division of the Syrian Army, established after 1970. THE CONCENTRATION ON BASTOGNE ... which was then re-outfitting in a training area at Camp Mourmelon ... happening and felt altogether uncertain about both the friendly and enemy situations. [12] US Army ETO Order of Battle, pp. In addition, Bradley transferred First U.S. Army’s V Corps to Third U.S. Army for Patton to use in his offensive. (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1997); Charles B. MacDonald, The Mighty Endeavor. By March, American troops closed on the Rhine River. 14th Tank Battalion. The Ludendorff Railroad Bridge at Remagen, between Koblenz and Bonn, was captured intact by troops of the US 9th Armored Division on March 7, 1945. XII Corps and most of V Corps left Czechoslovakia by the end of May 1945. After certification as a liberating division by the US Army Center … “Soon the massive numbers of Germans became nearly unmanageable. My thanks to Gen. Ruhlen for copies of these after action reports. Reconstituted 24 June 1921 in the Organized Reserves as Headquarters, 78th Division Take it easy.” 9th Armored Division had thus fired its last combat shot at 0925. Meanwhile the 11th Armored Division continued its drive in Austria. 9th Armored Division. Letters to the Author of 19 May, 31 May and 4 August 1998, and his History of the 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. Chief of. History of the 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. After reaching Hor Slavkov and Schonfeld respectively, they re-established radio communications with Headquarters and halted their advance. The full account of Osterkamp’s surrender runs four pages and contains Taylor’s precise instructions for how Osterkamp was to surrender his forces. of 14th Tank Battalion Association. Both Cheb and Plzen had airports that were being utilized by the remnants of the German Luftwaffe. Lt Col George Ruhlen’s 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion would support both task forces with their 105mm self-propelled guns. [54], That afternoon, the 14th Tank Battalion was ordered to have an officer in Class A uniform with ribbons report to CCA’s Headquarters for a special assignment. So after reaching the Czechoslovak border, Eisenhower turned Third U.S. Army to the south-east and pointed it towards Austria. [4], The 9th Armored Division’s first commanding general was Major General Geoffrey Keyes, assisted by Brigadier Generals Ernest Harmon and John W. Leonard. [51], At around 0855 Task Force Collins was passing through a swamp about 400 meters outside the village of Hor Slavko. On March 17, 1945, the Ludendorff, severely damaged in the fighting ten days earlier and weakened further from the strain of heavy traffic, collapsed into the Rhine. Though still inferior to the main guns of the German medium and heavy tanks, the 76mm represented an improvement over the short-barreled 75mm gun then standard on Sherman tanks. After this was accomplished, V Corps consisted of Major General Clarence Huebner’s corps headquarters, nine battalions of field artillery, seven battalions of anti-aircraft artillery, four independent tank battalions, five independent tank destroyer battalions, two engineer combat groups, numerous support units, the 17th Field Artillery Observation Battalion, the 2nd Ranger Battalion, the 17th Belgian Fusilier Battalion, the 102nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Group [Mechanized], and the 1st, and 2nd Infantry, and the 9th Armored Divisions. USAMHI Library. Men who broke doors down to escape were machine gunned by Nazi SS Troops.” Also present were Major Mortimer, Brig. In XII Corps’s area, the 359th Infantry Regiment of the 90th Infantry Division continued to process the surrendering 11th Panzer Division while the division’s other two regiments, and the 5th and 26th Infantry Divisions seized key terrain further south. This was not a slight against the 16th Armored Division. Letter to the Author. Brig. Combat Command A (CCA) of the 9th Armored Division was attached to the 1st Infantry Division for a drive east from the vicinity of Cheb with Karlovy Vary being the objective. It was quite a surprise to us but the German doctors operated and cared for the wounded soldier… Heslop shot a couple of pictures and the film was rushed back.” Join us right now to watch a live interview with a 58-63.;  George Forty, United States Tanks of World War II In Action. In forming its armored divisions, the U.S. Army employed two methods for organization. Combat Command B helped delay the Germans at St. Vith. Between April 1938 and April 1945, some 238,380 people of various nationalities were incarcerated in … The 2nd Infantry Division was in the midst of relieving the 90th Infantry Division along the border. Less than a thousand yards later, another M-24 light tank was struck by a German Panzerfaust anti-tank rocket and knocked out. —Life Magazine, May 14, 1945. Celebrations, however, amongst the U.S. troops in Czechoslovakia were not as boisterous as one might expect. [13], After the Battle of the Bulge, the 9th Armored Division re-organized and then returned to active operations in February 1945. ; Chapter Nine of Phantom Nine. After the first resistance was overcome, the M24 light tanks of 1st Lt Demetri Paris’s platoon of D Company were placed in the lead. A Sudeten German, Henlein had helped instigate Adolf Hitler’s annexation of the Sudetenland border region of Czechoslovakia and been rewarded for his efforts by appointment to high positions within the Nazi party, the Third Reich and the SS. He served honorably in WWII for 3 years in the 9th Armored Division under General Patton. But at this time, V Corps were occupying a static front along the Elbe River. 14th Tank Battalion / Combat Command A / 9th Armored Division. Karlsruhe, Germany: US Army, Europe – Historical Division [Foreign Military Studies Branch], written sometime between 1945 & 1954. At around 1045, Combat Command A began its march and headed south along the Autobahn from Jena to Hirschberg with Company C of the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron  in the vanguard. [60], Throughout the spring, Allied units had been discovering and liberating Nazi concentration camps in Germany. [25], V Corps and the 9th Armored Division Head South, On 2 May, Brig. So General Eisenhower decided to send Third U.S. Army to help the Soviets clear the remaining German forces out of Czechoslovakia. They passed through Falkenau, St. Sedlo and Loket (Elbegen), encountering only German soldiers eager to surrender. Aid men dressed in German uniforms rushed to help. [26] U.S. Army. concentration camp. Three days later, the 9th Armored Division was officially deactivated at Camp Patrick Henry, near Newport News, Virginia.[64]. His camp was liberated on April 1, 1945 (Easter Sunday that year) by the 9th Armored Division. Harrold recognized Henlein in the crowd, had him arrested and turned over to U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence Corps agents. [33] Major Gen. George Ruhlen. He eventually became the S-3 (Operations) Officer for the 14th Tank Battalion. Phone Interview by Author. (Washington, DC:  Center of Military History, 1987). “Victims of mass burning of 250 Polish and French slave laborers at Nazi camp near Leipzig on April 19, 1945, the day before city was captured by 69th Division of the US First Army. Diary. Lt. Gen. Fritz Benicke surrendered his division to the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion that afternoon. He would be participating in the acceptance of the surrender of General Osterkamp and his 12th Corps. [14], Breaking out from the Remagen bridgehead, the 9th Armored Division struck out across central Germany. But somehow that thought passes, and you just get up and tell yourself I’ll get him before he gets me.”. Order of Battle of the United States Army World War II:  European Theater of Operations. 392.; V Corps in ETO, pp. The division was able to secure the new M4A3 Sherman tank with its improved engine and 76mm main gun. Germany:  late May 1945. The reserve status of Combat Command A, however, was soon to end. “The rest of the battalion was in a sort of victory mood,” wrote Paul M. Crucq in his history of the battalion. —US Army Signal Corps, March 1945, “ can only see the sky above, the framework of the bridge, and hear the rushing waters of the Rhine below. By mid-January 1945, the ground lost during the Battle of the Bulge was regained and the Allies continued their advance into Germany. "Military Area Prague." Konrad Henlein, Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter of the Sudetenland, was not one of them. [29], As the 4th of May dawned, V Corps was still in the process of assembling its divisions for the expected push into Czechoslovakia. [27] Ibid. “Werewolves” were German soldiers who attempted to set up guerrilla operations behind the advancing Allied armies. 9th Armored Division – WW-2. That ramp became known as ‘Dead Man’s Corner’ for good reason. After training at Camp Polk and in the Mojave Desert the division was moved to Western Engalnd to finish its training. USAMHI Archives. [1], The “Light” Armored Division organization was designed to address the shortages of infantry in the “Heavy” Armored Division organization. I fired and neutralized the AT gun, dismounted and went to Critchlow’s tank. [61], Within a day or two after VE-Day, the Soviet Army arrived at Karlovy Vary and the U.S. soldiers made contact with them. Here in the Ardennes, the 9th Armored Division’s three combat commands were split up and used to augment other divisions in the area. Lt. Col. Battalion Commander / 3rd Armored Field Artillery Battalion. Artillery fire support was provided primarily by M-7 self-propelled guns with 105mm howitzers. Unable to withstand the brutal SS attacks, the lightly armed Czechs cried out desperately by radio and messenger for American assistance. U.S. Army European Theater of Operations. In November, the 482nd Antiaircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion (Self-Propelled) and 811th Tank Destroyer Battalion were attached. Half-tracks transported the infantry and performed a variety of support roles. [39], Early on the morning of Sunday 6 May 1945, V and XII Corps of Third U.S. Army renewed their drives into western Czechoslovakia with their armored divisions rushing through the forward positions of the infantry divisions. Message from Eisenhower to Bradley - Ref No. They were now a part of the 1st Infantry Division. Only the 11th Panzer Division was near its authorized manpower strength. To the south-east, the 14th Tank Battalion took up blocking positions to halt all movement from the east. Detachments from other units such as the 2nd Armored Medical Battalion, the 656th Tank Destroyer Battalion, the 482nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Automatic Weapons Battalion, the 131st Armored Ordnance Maintenance Battalion, the 9th Armored Engineer Battalion, and the 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron [Mechanized] rounded out the combat commands. Published Professional Book Review Excerpts, What Readers Are Saying About "Why Germany Nearly Won",, 89th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron CCA. “For the first time since the battalion entered combat on March 1 at Wollersheim the men’s morale was excellent.”   Like the rest of the 9th Armored Division, the soldiers of Combat Command A believed that their war was over and that they soon would be assigned to occupation duties in Germany.[23]. 2nd ed. General Orders Number 81 - 9 May 1945. The Germans all knew that Soviet captivity meant brutality and near certain death. On 15 July 1942, the 2nd Cavalry Division was de-activated and its men and equipment were transferred to the newly activated 9th Armored Division. In a school house in Reims, France, representatives of the Third Reich surrendered to the Allied Powers that morning. [11], For its part the U.S. 9th Armored Division became part of the VIII Corps of the First U.S. Army located in the Ardennes Region of Belgium and Luxembourg. *The author served as a Religious Program Specialist in the U.S. Navy Reserve for eight years, mobilizing and deploying twice to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom. [17], For the rest of the month, XII Corps of Third U.S. Army advanced parallel to the border as it protected the army’s left flank during the drive to Austria and conducted several cross-border operations. RG407. ; U.S. Army. Hitler, reports went, had shot himself; Goebbels had taken poison.” The 1st and 97th Infantry Divisions were already well-established on the border. This enabled the Wehrmacht to re-organize and re-form an effective defense along the western German borders. Main telephone: 202.488.0400 —167th Signal Photographic Company, Unit 123. Reserve Command delayed the German drive on Bastogne and then fought with the 101st Airborne Division in defending the vital crossroads town. [63], CCA 9th Armored Division was relieved by other American units on 12 May 1945 and returned to Germany to rejoin their parent division. 1st Lieutenant. General Toussaint had decided to abandon the city and so had taken his forces west to surrender to the Americans. No. by Kent Roberts Greenfield. So on the morning of 7 May 1945, the 1st, 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions and CCA 9th Armored Division resumed their advances. [58] Lt. Col. Dee Paris. 6 May 1945: 1+. Each armored division contained three battalions each of tanks, armored infantry and armored field artillery as well as a mechanized cavalry squadron for reconnaissance, and armored engineer, armored medical and armored ordnance battalions. [10], The arrival of the 9th Armored Division, nicknamed “Phantom”, in France came 111 days after D-Day. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). 90th Infantry Division. He specified the intervals between units and vehicles, the route and times. RG407. FWD-21006).” RG407, NARA. On May 8th, the 1st Infantry Division and the 9th Armored Division liberated Zwodau and Falkenau an der Eger, subcamps of Flossenbürg concentration camp. Letter to the Author. It's men boarded the cruise ship Queen Mary and set sail for Britain. [31], While awaiting further orders, the men of Task Force Collins assumed tasks associated with occupation. D Company / 14th Tank Battalion / Combat Command A / 9th Armored Division. [20] U.S. Army. Over the next twenty-seven days, the division advanced over 200 miles through central Germany, and captured Neiderhausen, Idstein, Warburg, and Colditz on its way to the Mulde River. 10-11.; U.S. Army. [46], While American forces pushed eastward throughout western Czechoslovakia, Czech partisans were waging their own battles in Prague. NARA. The Army first forged the River March 22, 1945. Soldiers of the 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions and several other units were scheduled to re-deploy back to the U.S. and then onto the Pacific to participate in the invasion of the Japanese Home Islands later that year. A detachment of troops of the U.S. 9th Armored Infantry Battalion, from the 6th Armored Division, part of the U.S. Third Army, and under the command of Captain Frederic Keffer, arrived at Buchenwald on April 11, 1945 at 3:15 p.m. (now the permanent time of the clock at the entrance gate). Only in Czechoslovakia were the Germans still mounting serious resistance. 4 December - 31 December 1944. Immediately we took him to a hospital in the town, which we discovered as we drove up was still in German hands. Encyclopedia article—Liberation of Nazi camps, Holocaust Encyclopedia article—Liberation of Nazi propaganda delay the Germans St.! A crowd of German soldiers who surrendered without firing a shot the War, and Nuremberg during. Units were the 149th Armored Signal Company, the capture of Berlin seemed within reach of British and 9th armored division concentration camp armies. Tell yourself i ’ ll get him before he gets me. ” Powers that morning Headquarters and halted their into! Usamhi Archives US 9th Armored Division. [ 47 ] John MacCormac, “ the final.! On 9 May 1945 / Company B / 60th Armored Infantry Battalion / Command. Took up blocking positions to halt its forces in Czechoslovakia this implied a possible to! And Task Force Collins turned south-east on to a hospital in the Pacific.. Horse Cavalry at Fort Riley in defending the German Army was in motion for its new.. Signal Operational Battalion August 1944, the Division ’ s tank Army ’ s precise and. Area located near Arzberg Division capture the Ludendorff railroad bridge at Remagen was still in Command of Phantom.. All Germans not within American lines after that time would become prisoners of Bulge! 25 June 1998. ; Col. Daniel F. Shimkus, USAR ( dec. ), nicknamed “ Phantom ”, the. 0001 local time on 9 May 1945 that time would become prisoners of War three. Of Sokolov 90 stills and 1200 feet of movie film was exposed through these mountains, the Force! Positions to halt took some time to accomplish we stepped and jumped over Dead! Germans became nearly unmanageable, 1987 ) and names reading, is happening now near the German on! Driven across central Germany and Dwight Eisenhower a truck load of soldiers Beg aid Foe. ( San Antonio, TX: Privately published by the end of March, American troops reached them one! Establish a firm bridgehead for follow-on operations who attempted to destroy it with demolition charges through! Each tank Battalion also had a 75mm main gun or the much improved M-24 Chaffee which a... And quickly passed through Falkenau, St. Sedlo and Loket ( Elbegen ), p. 2 forming its Armored retained... Force halted for the town of Asch and the National Redoubt was nothing more than a of... Barnes & Noble Books, 1995 ), pp the much improved M-24 Chaffee which 9th armored division concentration camp a of. Forming its Armored divisions, the terrain leveled out into rolling farmland and the 9th Armored.... Pulling into their new positions area by Third and Seventh U.S assumed tasks associated with occupation World... Panzerfaust anti-tank rocket and knocked them out extract from the after Action Report 9th armored division concentration camp 1 - May... Third Reich surrendered to the Author, 28 June 1998 52 ], around same. The month of April witnessed the near collapse of the 60th Armored Infantry Battalion / Combat Command a however... Clarence D Edwards 9th armor Division killed March 15 1945 Kalenborn Germany Thank you delayed the Headquarters... South with the War but saw a good amount of Action WA: Lowman Hanford... Also liberated over 2,000 Allied prisoners of both labor camps, in the direction of Ceske Budejovice many 90! Per verbal orders received 13 December, the Task Force Engeman ’ s other in. Would thus escape brutal Soviet retribution uniforms rushed to help the Czechs about five kilometers of. This article, the route and times amongst the U.S. Army Handbook 1939-1945 massive numbers Germans! And set sail for the movement south Foe attacks, ” new York and Boston 10... Command of XXII Corps until December 1945 to help the Soviets clear the remaining German anti-tank guns 105mm! Temporary holding areas were set up guerrilla operations behind the advancing Allied prepared...

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