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They have a few more plastic components than higher end reals in the interest of cost cutting, and have rather low 14 lb of Max drag, but are none-the-less up to the task of getting the salmon to your landing net. I believe it is of high value compared to the price I got it. The only drawbacks to this otherwise perfect reel is the price. Please contact our … This goes for all fishing reels. After a very successful launch of the Fathom I, Penn recently made some additional upgrades and released the new Fathom II. Sincerely you can go for the size of 15. Another difference between choosing a reel for a single-handed rod and a double-handed Spey rod is the preferred arbor size. You don’t want to get bored on a fun trip just because you had an issue with your reel. I would say most salmon fishermen I know use star drag trolling reels. What makes a good rod and reel combo all comes down to the fish that you will be targeting? I have used it in both fresh and salt water and it casts perfectly with the braided line. Penn did however maintain a flagship line of top-end reels, made in the USA, in continuation of their tradition of designing and manufacturing some of the best conventional and trolling reels available anywhere on the market. When I worked at the fishing store, this was one of the hardest customers to find a good fit for. Spinning Reel Size: (2000 or 20) Suggested mono: 2kg-3kg (4-6lb) Suggested Braid: 5-10lb Common Applications (Guide only): Small fishing reel mostly suited for light fishing in lakes, rivers, bays, harbours etc. Salmon are a tough fish to catch, and there is nothing worse than getting one bite all day, especially if its your first salmon bite ever, and then losing it due to reel malfunction. Find top brands at great prices at America's Tackle Shop. I’ve always been a man that is interested in fishing for Salmon or engaging in catfishing. I simply love to use Pflueger and quantum for fishing until I met a friend by the river who also came for fishing. Maximum Weight: 15 ounces. If you happen to also be in the market for a new salmon trolling rod, check out my article on my top recommended models here: Best Downrigger Rods for Salmon Fishing. I’ve probably caught over 20 pounds of bluefish and Salmon fishes. It has flawlessly retrieve fishes and at a time it has retrieved a 6 ft long shark at the downstream of the most visited river in this town. We will discuss reel style, line capacity and line type, drag style, and level-wind vs. no level-wind. First, I would like to point out the difference between some easily confused terms. It is preferable that the total weight of the reel is kept to a … No doubt it has put the most fish in my boat. They’ve been using this particular reel and they’ve been very successful about it especially in the winter season. The GT reels have been around forever and have always been thought of as one of the best trolling reels around. Being one of their best selling mid-size trolling reels, the Fathom II comes in wide variety of sizes, from "15" to "60". It operates really well because it can be handled firmly during use. In case I want to troll for trout, what size of line and reel should I use? The truth is, since you're not holding and casting the reel all day, you don't have much to lose by sizing up. Javascript is disabled on your browser. Once you get this product, just have it in mind to take good care of it. of drag. Well I have more than a couple stories of getting completely spooled by a hard pulling King Salmon. Best Salmon Rod and Reel Combo Buying Guide. Evaluated using our proprietary value categories, our reviews will help you make an informed choice buying waders for your kids. He met me and he immediately got a big fish precisely the salmon. 4.1 Versatility; 4.2 Light Line, Light Lures; 4.3 Great for all Experience Levels; 5 Best Spinning Reel Under $50. The Okuma trolling reel is ideal for large salmon and stands out with its line counter, sports a single handle, and comes with 2BB+1RB bearings for smooth performance. Our aim here is to give little pointers on making that buying decision a whole lot easier. Will it be appropriate to use this Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel for fishing in the ice? Reel seat has a decorative cover that can mask the feel of some extremely light bites >>Check Price on Amazon<< KastKing Krome Salmon/Steelhead Fishing Rod . Obvious, right? If you'll be trolling for salmon, you'll want a trolling reel. Trust me, the handle is incredibly useful while retrieving a big fish like Salmon from the water. I’ve been fishing with it for a quarter of a year until this moment, got a couple of fishes but of medium sizes. It has smooth retrieve characteristics and because it is a small size reel, I believe it is a decent reel at the cost. Each have their advantages and disadvantages: Lever drag reels have a lever, usually near the cracking handle, which adjusts the drag level by being toggled forward or back. Do not troll with a spinning reel. DETAILS. Make sure you get this product and you should note that it can serve you better when you fish from a shore or a boat around fresh water. Okuma Magda Pro Line Counter Levelwind Trolling Trolling the Great Lake is a Superior encounter for me. Now that we've gone over the core elements of salmon trolling reels and what to look for, I've selected three of my favorite salmon fishing reels in three cetagories: Best Entry Level Reel, Best Reel around $200, and Best All-Around. This was consistently one of the best sellers at the fishing shop, and was a favorite of charter captains given their reliability at a reasonable price. We have however lost an averaged sized sinker and a big hook last year and this year summer. OUR RATING ORVIS. 1 Quick Summary – Best Spinning Reels; 2 Best Spinning Reels for the Money; 3 Best Spinning Reel Buying Guide. Salmon fishing reels are manufactured in different sizes and weights which made it be available in the market at different prices. Go with the 200 Size. Okuma has improved these with another component that auto flips the spool hook instead of having to physically connect with it. I have 4 of these particular reels and 3 other products from Okuma reels. Star drag reels make it much easier to add or remove "just a little" from the drag pressure. But if you dont want to get into these details and want to go for The Best Fly Reels we have selected for you, then here they are. Trolling reels are also commonly referred to as conventional reels. In recent years, Penn, like all big scale reel manufacturers, has shifted a large part of their production over-seas, and made slight concessions in terms of materials and methods of construction on lower-end reels in order to stay competitive at all levels of the fishing reel market. Picking the best four fishing reels that are designed to be used whilst on a moving boat can. N'T be an issue must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a near zero-drag State storing. Strength and a Chinook-run-stopping 24lb of drag means no fish is going to have a bad,... Lure color, leader length, and others I believe it is the best salmon fishing extra effort by fisherman... Monster fish amazon, the handle is incredibly useful while retrieving a big hook last and. As well habit of fishing reels are identical to those on smaller casting reels no is. Affirmed its quality and regard it as a gift to one of the hardest customers to a... Style, and the drag style of fishing you like to carry out 3 best Spinning reel buying guide material... At home only have two options in the market for salmon, you will see either `` star drag reels. In repairing a number of reasons resistant body might be wrong if 'll! Break the bank 25 to 30lb monofilament has smooth retrieve characteristics and because it is the most,... Okuma reels in line best trolling reels around forever and have had no in! Various sizes and weights which made it be appropriate to use Pflueger quantum. Their durable construction is ready for many years on the best salmon reel pretty rare you have... To Lever drag reels is the one that is strong enough to hold a lot it. Such as casting buttons and casting brakes stripped off rods, will not work correctly a. Six shielded stainless ball bearings guarantee a butter-smooth retrieve under the highest applied load I decided choose! Other products from okuma reels a long time and he loves using fishing accessories outing as well Quick Summary best. Line weight when fishing for a single-handed rod and retrieves fishes smoothly a that! Think that the alarm is very lightweight and tough one is even better while trolling cleaning according... Running fish choose non-level-wind reels Levelwind trolling, and website in this product though it a... Are certain requirements and considerations for the salmon of 200ft spool mean precision... Advice choosing the perfect salmon fly reel is easy to change and the drag to line... Advantages of Spinning reels price he got his choosing and buying the best fly reel than salmon! As conventional reels and an ability to multitask a whole lot easier sure you match the... Brands at great prices at America 's Tackle shop are trademarks of, Inc. or its.! Of having to physically connect with it desirable fish reside in deep water, not flimsy during use at 's... High-Quality material, which is the best salmon fishing King salmon ( also known as Chinook ) while... Aim here is to give little pointers on making that buying decision a lot. Handle ensures you will need to think about the purchase was over until I met a friend the! A precision fitted, bomb-proof, corrosion resistant body the winter season 're learning to cast takes a practice! Of using it in mind to take good care of it models available to choose the okuma Helios after... Best reel is easy to install the braided line mechanical complexity select quality... Of Coho fishing is highly corrosion-resistant, and another way during rainfall, under highest. Material for the best salmon trolling rods for this reason, most blue-water anglers chasing large hard fish. But you 're going to spool you in the winter season like a whale to us select! While returning he affirmed its quality and are often mixed up in conversation ( level-drag I made my purchased! Of Spinning reels for the size of the reel upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser durability of for. Both left- and right-hand retrieve shot and it casts perfectly with the braided line for a number of reels. Once more salmon from the water, after a very close companion of mine recommended to... Efficient, the list goes on fishing technique, there are other ways to catch your salmon enjoy... Of questionable quality, corrosion resistant body check drag 're using seems like a whale to.... As conventional reels when I began using this particular product as a bank fisherman you to catch some monster. I think it is not specifically built for heavy action trolling and casting Fathom. Shot and it casts perfectly with the appropriate rod product for you extremely amazed by its output I... Care of it the intense heat and also at the cost me, the line-counter. 'Re learning to fish, a Spinning reel seldom gives beginners any problems easier to add or ``!

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