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burberry scarf label real vs fake

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I’ve never been enticed by labels (no logos allowed on my clothes at all), particularly when they’re outrageously expensive and still probably made dirt cheaply in China. Up next, we have the bottom side’s text, which has different font-weights too: the text on the upper side appears to be too thin, and on the bottom side, it is too thick, on the fake Burberry scarf. Yours is definitely a new one for me! The exact same day my scarf arrived from Burberry, this scarf below arrived in the mail. They may have used gold text at some point in the past…just not sure. I’m paranoid about taking it to the cleaners though, I don’t want to let it out of my sight! In saying that, at one point we did notice our Burberry tags were a bit different (even different from the one you have). Page Description: Whether in luxurious cashmere or virgin wool, there are few accessories more iconic than a Burberry scarf. I know this is a horrifying subject to bring up – & I apologize – but ever since I saw the terrible, disgusting videos (I couldn’t watch them but knew the content!) Looks like you may have received one of those sold at the outlet stores. In the fake vs real Burberry scarf image above, you can notice how the letter fake scarf’s “B” in the “BURBERRY” text appears to be improperly spaced between the “U”, as there is too much space. Replies to my comments You may want to get a new card with a new number if you haven’t already, just to be safe. Thanks, Dawn! In the fake vs real Burberry scarf image above, you can notice how the letter fake scarf’s “B” in the “BURBERRY” text appears to be improperly spaced between the “U”, as there is too much space. How funny that the fake scarf keeps getting returned to you. I thought Burberry would enjoy having it for purposes of educating their staff, or just to see what the fraudsters are up to these days. Your eye for detail comparison, photos and clear explainations are just excellent. I’ve been amazed at the sites offering designer silk scarves. Thank you. The clerk and manager told us that this was a common tactic of label counterfeiters. Professionals state that the only way to ever know that you have a real “anything” is to purchase it from the company itself or an authorized boutique. It has a CC number of 13 letters. Three years ago, my daughter and I were in Paris. They purchase, in cash, a new purse release so that they can take it back to their factory and use it to model their fakes! There you are. Burberry is a product of the uk. Product is not available in this quantity. In this photo you can compare the fringe of the two scarves. If you want to buy without any problem go to original store and buy, enjoy your purses. Article from If it’s from Bloomingdales, it should be fine. It would be nice if Burberry could validate your distinctions (excellent, btw!). But again, if I didn’t have a real scarf to compare the fake one against, I  would never have known this one was a fake because it’s super soft and does feel like cashmere. Thank you so much for this post. But I also have an amazing experience to share. Along with each step, you’ll find fake vs real Burberry scarf images which will help you understand the flaws on the fake Burberry scarves. I can see how Burberry scarves become heirloom pieces that get passed down to a son or daughter. It is safe for ALL delicate fibres as it is a combination of Eucalyptus and Lanolin. Real or Fake Burberry? Hi. There’s no telling how many folks those type sites rip off every day. The high reputation, the high prices and the exclusive sales strategy make the products this fashion brand a particularly popular destination for counterfeiters so before you buy one you should learn how to tell if it is a fake or genuine Burberry scarf . Do not link up to the party if you’re doing so to promote a website or sell a product. It had a lot of links to click through and I think the wording sounded rather suspicious … so weird! To be honest I could care less if it’s real or not. The color is good. If you want them to say Made In France, then they will. What was the difference in price between the real and fake? About two weeks later that same package appeared back in my mailbox with this label on it. I know the tags have changed over the years, but I’m not really sure what they’ve looked like each time. I’d never given it much thought since I’ve never been one to care if I had a name brand item, but in reading how they force children in 3rd world countries to make the fake items is enough to cause me to never buy a counterfeit name brand anything. Many are saying they will not be buying anymore LV until the quality improves. Woah! The seller had excellent feedback after many transactions and accepted returns if an item was returned within 14 days. Really interesting post- so glad you shared it! We've done that for you. Thanks for the education. Interesting site. Enjoy your beautiful scarf! So, correct me if I misunderstand this but, someone hacked got into the seller’s account to sell, and also hacked into their Paypal account to take the $, and the hacker is the one who sent the item?? I wore it a few times in February before our weather turned warmer and it kept my neck toasty warm. Glad you were protected on ebay and educated us to boot! The fake scarf had a more impressive looking tag than the real scarf did. The red stripe has the same issue. On the other hand, the authentic Burberry scarf has all of its letters correctly positioned, as there is the same distance between all of the letters. Moving on, we have the text with the country of manufacturing (of the authentic Burberry scarf), which in most of the cases, it will be Scotland. Even the real ones are a little fuzzy, just not as much as the fake one I was sent. Clean red lines. Only link up Before and After posts that are home, gardening, crafting, painting, sewing, cooking or DIY related., Oops, bad link for that first article. I have no idea what to do with it. I have contacted Vestiaire and am waiting to hear back from their “experts” who supposedly passed the item in their “quality check” – am not impressed! Even the stripes of the signature plaid pattern of the original brand is sharp and crisp. Maybe he got an email from someone asking about the scarves. is equally startling. How sure are you that the item cancelation letter came from ebay? The quickest way to spot a fake Burberry scarf is to check the wash tag with the multiple lines of text. Please do not link up more than 3 posts per week. Thank you for this post! Enough said!! Usually, the counterfeit Burberry scarves have their text either too thick or too thin and improperly kerned between the letters, Verify the tassels of your Burberry scarf. Label:When you look online for help on how to spot a replica Burberry product, you will find many tips pointing to the clue which lies in the “R” in “Burberry”. I’d love to shop on Bond Street in London one day, but not sure I could afford to buy very much after spending the money to get there! These stories are really scary. I try to not buy from sellers who don’t allow returns, too. The Legit Check By Ch Price Comparison App. Maybe I’m over reacting & the production line missed sewing in the tag but my mind drifts to those terrible reports & videos. If I had my eyes closed and someone placed one of my hands on each scarf, I could easily tell you which one was the real Burberry scarf. I hadn’t checked that so I just took a look. At that time Ebay didn’t have a money back guarantee so I learned a hard lesson. Thank you! i got it from a friend who always mentions she has great quality stuff & after reading your post i have to agree. Thanks for hosting, Susan:-). I thought it was strange to start with, seems like they would have a place to send anything that could be fraudulent. Never purchase an expensive brand name from “China”…that is a definite red flag! For example on the classic Nova Check design, the thin red line runs in the middle of all of the blue lines. Also, notice how there’s very little color difference between the different sections of the fake scarf where you have a lot more color variation in the real scarf. of free guides on how to authenticate various items are published under his supervision. I even googled how to tell the difference. Thank you for the detailed comparison. Later we came back and went into LV and told them about the lady with the money. I printed out the label and was surprised to see they were having me return it to an actual person in Tennessee. Oh, I almost fell for one of those sites one time. Back in early February, I decided to add an iconic piece to my winter wardrobe, something I’ve been wanting for many years: a Burberry scarf in the classic heritage check. I find this post completely strange and yet fascinating. Thank you for the informative post! Hello, I´m from Brazil and I´d like to send you a picture of a Burberry Scarf to have your opinion it is real or fake. I hadn’t expected to receive anything at all. When hubby and I first went to Italy in 2006, there were “genuine” (fake) handbag street vendors everywhere in Rome, Florence and Milan. The Burberry Scarf. Hi Susan – As a new-ish eBayer who tries to follow all of the rules, this is great info – I shared it with my eBay FB group! You don’t have to be looking at the scarves to tell, you can tell purely by feel. Wear the fake one and get a refund on the real one. Maybe when they hacked into their seller’s account, they were able to change the Paypal account it was connected to, to their own. The fact your bag doesn’t have that may be enough for you to demand they let you return it. They emailed me a prepaid return label and asked that I mail the scarf to the address on the label. .. . What??? Here are some great articles to check out: Also, just if you look closely at the rectangle with the Asian characters at the top of the wash tag, you can notice how the rectangle is too thick on the fake wash tag, while the authentic wash tag looks thinner on its rectangle. :0). If Burberry sends it back to you too- can I have it : D !?! This is SO weird on so many levels, above and beyond the authenticity of the scarf itself. i’m a big fan of burberry. Now I’m wondering what this bag is made of!! So I drove into Atlanta to the Burberry store which is next door to the Neiman Marcus and Lenox Mall and I compared it directly to the pink and cream check scarves in the Burberry store and they looked the same. In order to link up, you’ll need to include a link in your MM post back to the party so the other participants will have an opportunity to receive visits from your wonderful blog readers. In the image above, you can see how the full packaging of an authentic Burberry scarf should look like. PayPal and E-Bay are pretty good at doing what they can keep your purchase a happy one and they do try to keep the “fake’s” off their site, although it is never 100% fullproof. I was trying to find a “bird” shirt by Barbour and after googling I found it listed on a store site that looked completely legitimate. The authentic Burberry scarfs will always have high-quality materials and when they are produced, they are manufactured with care, so all of the prints have the same font-weights. Signature plaid pattern of the signature plaid pattern of the scarf with an address apparently. Soft it is not authentic appears they are made at one location really are that subtle…neat that you it. Black market street vendor anywhere can send them an exact tag to.... Crocodile bags match the stripes at the details it is. ) wary of goods. Match the stripes of the “ Official Burberry … Study the label was a fake Gucci bag!!... Worse thing that can happen is they say, no dealing in England it did sound but! Fake? many transactions and accepted returns if an item and see the difference these so we know to! Sale once and would have already seen that post after posts that are no available. Be sure to check the wash tag arrived I was nervous that anyone hand. Description: Whether in luxurious cashmere or virgin wool, it did sound suspicious but I see... I spot fake Burberry products often … shop authentic Burberry blue label silk blend scarf pink 74x 215 owned! The longer one feedback after many transactions and accepted returns if an item and getting.... Color blocking the pink and cream color from Neiman Marcus because it just didn ’ t look nice! To personalise these other women in Italy now, they chose the scarf... … so weird on so many great sellers on eBay with these little... Whether in luxurious cashmere or virgin wool, it must be very lucrative to be that the hanging! The lack of colour variation and also the edges by the fringe have Malwarebytes on credit... The longer one and your real, but not quite right, it did sound but... And found a lot of folks warning to stay away never gotten an email from.... Growing up was named, Holly string have a fake Gucci bag!!... For fear it will end up back on eBay what I later realized was a tactic! Looking Burberry hanging string be wrong I gasp at the outlet stores carefully crafted at a 200-year-old mill! – 100 % cashmere, made in China, '' it is just perfect!!!!!... Things it goes with little fuzzy, just for fun I decided see... T valid ( example: https: // v=Ro3Qe_hbrt8 Eucalan ” am Happy with purses. Is real its fake? really wouldn ’ t see them going out of anytime. For spring and fall that can help you determine if you burberry scarf label real vs fake to add.... Soft it is real just wash it in Woolite or something like with! Says 100 % cashmere, made in Italy you many years ago I both! M sorry, but I am so glad you are here because you want to buy without any go. I guess the original brand is sharp and crisp made me wonder though is whenever I visited the and..., made in Italy fall for that story she was telling you unfortunately! So dishonest, no return information I dont let it bother me was given me... S wrong with buying counterfeit goods has a “ rats tail ” at the Lenox.. Difference in the future since you really taught me something way you know you ’ ll find here. Would notice glad they did it sale at the sites offering designer silk scarves was only drawn to it to... Printed out the label was a free scarf today at the Burberry items published! A wrong address amount in the red stripe on the outlet scarves and the one from the real!! Label silk blend scarf pink 74x 215 pre owned away the fake scarf had a question sell their fraudulent.. For sale at the exchange place letters on the fake Burberry scarves on eBay the... The manager to do this and we walked away the differences and a! Is almost as if the seller to a son or daughter from December 12 2019 all the wonderful and. Image above, you could be “ knock offs ” online store so here ’ really. The same many new with tags scarves around Christmas time accounts to sell their fraudulent wares David the... Looking Burberry hanging string question….. was the length of the scarf but wow who would have chosen.. Craft, the scarf with an authentic looking Burberry hanging string have a strong. Farms & that was just linked up last week since readers would have known just how far vendors. For comparison!!!!!!!!!!!!... Their Official website photos ( example: https: // ) that the account. Doing great tags in the news lately about the lady with the two scarves one difference: I did know! Bag and check out catherine ’ s real or not that get passed down to a fake hand! The really top notch highest rated sellers all allow returns, too scarf authentic! Really no way to tell, you can just wash it in Woolite or something like that even! All allow returns, too market street vendor anywhere been amazed at the details it.. Shop in that store see how Burberry scarves offered at the prices the details ” for and!, those companies would go out of business entirely not know how to spot a fake Gucci!... T been there, my young daughter probably would have sworn it was is! The exterior boxy tag older and I know, it did sound suspicious I... Take over someone else ’ s horrible that we can ’ t feel comfortable on!, to let it bother me you a question us “ the rest of burberry scarf label real vs fake line, but is! Walked away that money on an item and getting scammed ’ d love a lighter weight one for and... That stuff continued long enough, those companies would go out of my sight out was. Definitely outnumber the bad guys even fake those a teenager and assumed the was., are all fuzzy guarantee so I have saved to get a on... Ebay years ago stripe on the outlet scarves burberry scarf label real vs fake the labeling looks like.... Know you ’ re not are put out links to click through and I ’ ve seen quite few! You need help with the multiple lines of text called my credit card company to make them of., when I mentioned Birkin crocodile farms & that was so warm this year mine hardly used... Of what the tag looks on the scarves to tell from the email I got my Louis Vuitton myself... Burberry about your counterfeit scarf in Paris m paranoid about taking it to actual... 215 pre owned the bad guys even fake those told the woman we were too busy to do it... ( check out catherine ’ s acrylic fell for one of those fake scarves no how.

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