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solar dc air conditioner

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Australia’s Solar Air Conditioning Solution Provider, Let us help you find the right energy solution. Technical & Sales 1/6. We are the only suppliers of Air Conditioners that can operate just from solar panel power without grid power or batteries! Providing i nnovative technology and reduced electricity costs. The DC4812VRF is a variable capacity, variable speed, variable refrigerant flow unit. The HotSpot DC4812VRF is a purpose-built DC powered air conditioner heat pump for native DC power. This new type Solar Air Conditioner can run 100% during the day on solar panels alone .... With no DAY TIME POWER BILL And no need for batteries. 48V DC Solar Air Conditioner For Home Solar Powered Air Conditioner Full DC Volt Inverter Minisplit 1 Ton 1.5Hp. An all-DC system means you get the advantage of … 12,000 BTU DC Air Conditioner For Off-Grid Solar & Telecom Applications If your power source is native 48VDC (or -48VDC) as part of a telecom or off-grid solar application, HotSpot DC4812VRF all-DC air conditioners are your most efficient cooling choice. 4.8 (21) "Good job" "Fast delivery" Contact Supplier. If you have any question, Please don’t hesitate to send us a message. 9am-5:30pm M-F Find here Solar Air Conditioner, Solar Ac manufacturers, suppliers & exporters in India. US $580.00 / Set. PV Panels Why have solar powered air … DC AC Hybrid Split Solar Powered Air Conditioner. Mostly, the solar-powered air conditioners in the market don’t offer more than 1-ton capacity. Use it more often without regrets. DC4812VRF Air Conditioner Technology However, you can even go with 250 watts panels or above. Automotive Air Conditioning Evaporator Assembly, 12V Universal Bus Truck Motorhome Retrofit Evaporator Assembly Air Conditioner 3800rpm . choice. The HotSpot engineering team created the world's first DC solar air conditioner in 2007 and has led the world in solar AC design and quality manufacturing for more than 10 years. Pays for itself, in energy savings, within 7-14 months of every day run time. Are you living or planning to live in a remote area where mains electricity just isn’t available or terribly cost prohibitive? SeaSpray is available beginning Q2 2014. AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air conditioners 100% Off Grid Air Conditioners & Off Grid Battery Systems, 100% Eco Savings Up to 100% Saving in day time, Savings No Inverter, battery, Charger controller needed, Wide Operating Temperature Temperature Range between -10 ̊C to +52 ̊C, Savings No Inverter, battery or Charger controller needed, Wide Operating Temperature Temperature Range bettween -10 ̊C to +58 ̊C, Full WIFI Operation – Set Timers, View Live AC and DC Power Consumption and History. Our Solar Air Conditioners use dedicated photovoltaic solar panels to power the units, since they are fully DC, they can accept direct raw variable DC power from the panels even when there is no grid power! high efficiency without the need for inverters. 4.7 (17) Contact Supplier. 12000 BTU Performance without costing the earth. It even works without mains power! The solar DC power directly replaces an equivalent amount of AC power from the power company and can cut daytime energy costs for air conditioning or heating by up to 80-90%. This results in a major drain on your batteries. Solar Batteries Solar power directly flows into the DC inverter air compressor. Air Conditioner Technology 12,000 BTU DC Air Conditioner For Off-Grid Solar & Telecom Applications.

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solar dc air conditioner