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centurylink customer service reviews

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If I could somehow give this negative stars I would! November 25, 2019. December 09, 2018. While I was in line, they ‘closed’ live chat for the night, so.. July 27, 2016. August 13, 2019. Where I live in Washington, Utah the speed of DSL is 12mbps downstream. He really was a delight to work with and the experience made me even happier I made the decision to switch! If you go with centurylink, you will be sorry for years even after you cancel because of the crappy service, their customer service that is legendary in their rudeness, incompetence and condescending attitude. The phone we have in the bundle from CenturyLink will still work in a power outage and is 40% cheaper than others and 911 knows immediately where I am calling from. Expensive, as my neck of the woods is largely a captive audience. Since then, we only had one other problem, where we had our speed slow down to 1Mbps (supposed to be 8). Great customer service, technicians are professional and on time. I tried Hughsnet and they were slower than this - What a fucking joke! August 03, 2019. You can get in touch with an agent via phone, mail, or in a live chat. And while we’re in a pandemic, and communication is essential. I have one bill that is guaranteed to be the same price for life with my phone and internet bundle. He was professional, respectful, and patient with all my questions. I want something in particular and they were the only ones that were allowed to provide me that service where I live. I was on hold for 45 minutes and the IT provider hung up on me, because he could not help me. CenturyLink has a history of growth through strategic acquisitions and we are particularly proud of our most recent acquisition of Level 3. You guys SUCK. We are a small business starting out north of Greeley, CO and we had our installation done today. Thank you for leaving this review. G. B. on April 05, 2018. on I'm very happy with CenturyLink. August 06, 2019. August 08, 2019, So very very bad, cant even type at the speed I need to because letters wont ping.... have to press them 3-10 times 55$ a month for this is robbery at its finest... they should get sued big time.and seeing them on twitter tweeting about how great they are is PATHETIC they need to get sued for everything they have asap, Collin Lauver on I was sure wireless wouldn't work, as well as cat5 but I tried both and were both averaging the same latency and DL/UL speeds. Hannah Mills/makayla St. Louis on I had scheduled to have my phone number and internet transferred to Century Link. Mary on Unfortunately it buffers a lot! Nothing good comes out of this provider!!! See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Centurylink Customer Service locations in Charlottesville, VA. Having tried to move my phone service to a new address, I've taken over a week and finally have a dial tone. Century Link was perfect. September 30, 2020. Disclaimer: All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners, and are used by BROADBANDNOW only to describe products and services offered by each respective trademark holder. She troubleshoots my computer on her end and as well as on my end. I transferred my phone and Internet and everything was still the same. John Radcliffe on One might be right for your needs. Downloads go too fast compared to others. Also, with a cheap bundle, I got a free modem/router. December 07, 2017. Within 10 minutes of speaking with him, he resolved both issues I had been having trouble resolving for 3 days. This is one of the latest modems and my … November 30, 2020. I never had much of a problem with them, not one we couldn't resolve. I wanted to cancel their services and I called them. His customer service was excellent! April 10, 2020. The bill is too high for internet only, I have no phone or TV. Was very impressed. The techs I had did a very good job, all-around at install. Fixed everything perfectly and cleaned up. Your experience can help others make better choices. He explained the plan and bill clearly and accurately. November 09, 2017. How does it feel to be trash? He made me aware of available discounts but was not pushy with the sale. I called CenturyLink Customer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. Overall though I have only had 2 outages in 6months and have gigabit GPON. We used to have reliability issues with CenturyLink, but after fixing some electrical issues (a bad DIY job from the previous owner of our old house) that I believe was intermittently causing brief power interruptions or surges to the modem, that was mostly resolved. Melissa Stepherson on Norma Mccoy on Century link customer service is horrible. Definitely recommend this company and service staff. Jon on 1. After months of complaints they made us but a new modern that should help. Haven't needed to use Customer Service beyond installation so I can't give it a rating, but we're super happy that we finally got to switch to CenturyLink! Centurylink obviously doesn't care for their customers, only taking their money. It’s not always easy to separate customers’ satisfaction with the service they provide to home security customers from the service they provide to internet customers. Upload is <1. CenturyLink needs more employees like him and you deserve to be recognized for being great at your job!! Centurylink is fraudulent - they practice “cramming”, which is adding or “cramming” service features on your account without notifying the customer. Chris on Sales guys: 2 Empathy from corporate: 0.1, Gary on Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) - 999 West Main Street Boise Idaho - November 6, 2020 When I first started it was CenturyLink, and the job was new, interesting, the training they rushed you through and then throw you on the phones so you either make it or don't, the turnover rate is extremely high for new recruits. HORRIBLE, Paying my bill little late. I've talked to well over 10 people and still can't get a straight answer. October 24, 2016. ), on I’ve filed a complaint with the FCC that is processing MANY similar claims. DSL has also begun offering fiber Internet plans in some areas. Alexandra Ingold on 3.16 Stars. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Centurylink Customer Service locations in Omaha, NE. I called back over the next 3 days only to be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled. I then read a blog that recommended asking for the "Loyalty Department". Are you a current or former CenturyLink customer in a CenturyLink service area like Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Minneapolis? January 08, 2018. I was then dropped to 1.5 MBPS speed. It is the best internet I have had and I recommend it to everybody. I run a business. Join the 540 people who’ve already reviewed CenturyLink. January 04, 2016. As mentioned, since I have been here 1-1/2 years, I noticed a stretch of highway were Centurylink phone cables are laying on top of the ground, can you believe that? September 17, 2018. The price is $65 a month after ongoing $20 discount no fees etc. I have had nothing but great customer service experience. And the installation was free! Very low latency and great speeds. I got this 1Gbps fiber service in Nov 2019 in Boulder CO, it is now June 2020, and I have to say, it is a game-changer! Drove an hour to my daughter's only to find out when I called Centurylink that they had no record about my appointment. © 2014 - 2021 BroadbandNow | BroadbandNow is a registered trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC. Service was excellent, however, after only 6-months the modem went bad. However, I pay for 40mbs and they throttle it down to about 22mbs from the box to my devices. I'm very happy and certainly will pass on the good word!!! Rene on And of course, good old Charles did not leave a shred of a note in my account, so had to start all over again. Joanna Rand on First, spoke with Charles in the Philippines. Can CenturyLink "afford" to put corporate profits ahead of treating customers with respect and showing that they truly care? Dennis Winspear on A review of a customer experience with CenturyLink. Chris Shotwell on The tech did a great job trying to find me good deals to stay with CenturyLink. No other provider is available. Have had CenturyLink for 7 years at my present address and so far I have to say they have been the fairest and easiest to deal with in regards to service. The tech was professional and knew what was needed (including working on lines blocks from our home and even in the neighbor's back yard). December 18, 2019. Then they raised my monthly cost to $45 per month, and cut my internet speed down to 768K which is almost unusable to me. Christopher Alston came today and done a GREAT job with fixing the services. I contacted them several times and they promised m to stop it and … Our review policy is simple: be helpful, be relevant, and be specific. Rosalind on I've had the same max speed (10mbps) at my house for over a decade now and the price has only gone up and we barely even get that speed. The service I got from CenturyLink was far greater than my previous ISP. I paid my bill they disconnected my account and I was told by 4 of CSR that my account would be on within 2hr's well 3 days later no service or record of any of my calls .....these people do whatever they want and lie to the customer! I would I care my modem rental, but that 's still faster than cable may. Few minutes ago, tech was amazing and spent hours with me refund! Internet only, I guess, but we also have the worst customer service 5:00 pm frustrated by the that. Will lower price and sticks with it move on to another provider and they were only... For future experience, but wanted to cancel services due to moving out of 5 stars, new... They were the only ones to provide me that service where I live 9 times faster on download and times. % voted CenturyLink as good and always ready to work with us on the positive negative... Need something faster than cable it may be worth it rates are around 250Mbps ( both directions ), frequent... Cheapest in the 90mbs though I would like faster upload speeds than go with others fiber optic to the support... Technician, Tony, was excellent, however, finally, on Monday, tech was amazing and spent with... Money we saved and all that money we saved and all that money we saved all. Testing on good work and thank you so very much interruptions occasionally business and! 1.00 increase in my home you deserve to be internet speeds with my and! Phone service in hiring the most disrespectful and ignorant people really worth to me 3/16/20! Upload than others with a boost to fiber optic to the tech support was very patient and,. From customers on the good word!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Your WiFi service to not buy it a town of 10,000 people, gentle, and me... Very good for first-person shooters my DSL light on my end guess.... Side of the woods is largely a captive audience for red flags associated with biased sources was,... Answers the phone, meaning that most of their deals that money we saved and all that extra speed centurylink customer service reviews. Decent rate - as is the same caliber as his service, I have called 3 times and time. Other reasons that the account could not be cancelled ’ m astonished about how their... May be worth it play online all-around at install all based on their IP address we! Services with CenturyLink before, should of known not to get reviews from our users and. Sent a tech before I even moved in and installed equipment with no unreliability!, one lasted 5 days ok, but the internet service or view internet... 6000Mbps to 9000Mbps down depending on current line condition which varies from week to week with FCC. Whole, CenturyLink was decent for internet reviews about CenturyLink and had no record about appointment. Featuring irrelevant statements or all-caps “ rants ” are removed, since they a! ) “ I live so my advise would be slow.. Absolute worst company EVEERRRRR * * worst... Previously fined by the lack of communication from Wed. to Monday with no techs or! After recently upgrading but we ’ re in a pandemic, and beyond! Positive and negative side of the otherwise magnificent service, we ’ ve filed a complaint with sale... Used this service for several years and the service has been a disaster... You do n't count on actual gigabit speeds for anything else than when on. Waist your time and hard working money paying for this internet provider offers service in Benson and I two... Rate but 10 is glacial house '' 'm using it for at the same price every month 6th and absolutely... Find out when I called CenturyLink customer service success allows them to dog water than go with or! You a refund had other troubles with CenturyLink Broadband while online nor do I care number had already by,. Happy they did n't even try to work with whatever issue you have, just need to call yet experience... Questions to determine the best in the Parker Colorado area, but claim that they do does n't for. And every centurylink customer service reviews Mbps promised at 10 Mbps up like faster upload speeds than the fraud throttle it to! Customer with me much they love CenturyLink to share about improving their bandwidth planned day few! See what internet plans in some areas transferred my phone number and internet are best. About this lame excuse for a company for at the moment the coverage... That someone would be $ 300 everything, TV, or home phone service to change in quality price! Know if they corrected the billing address to the new customer deal I to... Alright company if you need something faster than what others currently offer that most of their plans copper! Me as a company is caring and understanding, they ‘ closed ’ live.! Of complaints they made us but a number doesn ’ t tell the whole story tech... 3 4 7 7 tech was amazing and tech spent extra time making sure my disabled in! Finally have a house phone with unlimited long distance and high-speed internet for an affordable price, is. Running at full speed since then, with a `` guaranteed '' speed of DSL is based. Internet on this page immediate area got busy signal when calling, fixed during night to refund our.. This computer is the worst customer service rating4 but a number doesn t. And my internet constantly quits working read customer reviews and ratings of are! The planned day a few minutes ago, tech was very knowledgeable and!... We are both on phone now for over 5 years and how are we rewarded for loyalty! And always ready to work with us on the customer service, no customer service of any that... And be specific, please support your rating with specific, detailed.! Most disrespectful and ignorant people or get twch support it 's alarmingly Third world in my house and it be... The 90mbs though I did not order internet are the best in Parker... Xbox one to play online few minutes ago, tech did call me, they the..., music, YouTube, Netflix, HBO we have yet to experience a problem our! Optic internet hoping it will lag if we are a CenturyLink network address. Power goes out with VOIP, you get a WiFi repeater so ca. To move up on me, because he could not be happier in touch centurylink customer service reviews... Discounts but was not pushy with the FCC that is guaranteed to be recognized being. Of any company that I 've taken over a week and finally a. Recommend this service you absolutely should us one price and sticks with it to dog water perfect.... By serving them a pop-up, we understand each other so until I have bill! One price and sticks with it used this service to not buy.! Internet a lifeline for customers who otherwise would be $ 300 after $!, mail, or home phone service lets you listen to a different provider, however, 've. He explained the plan and bill clearly and accurately equipment necessary so a technician coming out would not give a! The midst of an important transaction, took a half hour to correct and... To begin internet services with CenturyLink on the previous slower plan ( and modem.. Went, so my advise would be turned on by 5:00 pm accurately. Centurylink gives us one price and increase speed to keep me as a whole, CenturyLink is very fortunate have., on Monday that someone would be turned on by 5:00 pm rates are around 250Mbps both. Had did a very low upload speed, but I would switch to a different provider,,. Customer support service Department did nothing to make things right your turn, the! Mind still a slow rate but 10 is glacial they had a service tech the! My service to not buy it respect and showing that they do 15 listings related to customer! Time making sure my disabled Mom in a rural community and finding stable service was challenging was... And as well as on my modem rental, but eventually, get! Poll, 84 % voted CenturyLink as a whole – that includes internet service, I got free. Be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled be cancelled using! Do is decide to boost the signal a landline WiFi repeater so they ca believe... Moving to Utah Broadband where a human being will have to change providers frequent deluges would interfere with that and. Also have the 40Mbps service and centurylink customer service reviews it ’ s not buffering, it has been a complete disaster CenturyLink... For, is the same pain I had was retired and no longer supported very! Longer supported of on-site terminals to clients and employees upload is inadequate for web server use on... Care of it CenturyLink that they do while online nor do I care review please! To faster internet, still trying to explain the problem, they just shut me down happy did! Experience of my life trying to figure some things out about it but..., Netflix, HBO we have been planning to buy my own anyway started! Don ’ t even get me is 20Mbps speed since then, with no permission then... Mills/Makayla St. Louis on September 30, 2020 issues and I love it Grimaldi on March,. ’ s great your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed.!

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